Not much chance to get bored these days. Eight rounds in a row for me, London Olympiad on most channels, and usually some football or basketball nearby in the evening.

Important game against Wang Hao today. We played a slightly unusual variation of the Queens Indian. He had more space, but I felt quite comfortable in the early middle game and tried to keep the game alive. After his c6! sacrifice my position was a bit tricky but manageable. After the first time control he looked very confident. Even after the exchange of queens I thought black could hold the endgame without too much difficulty as I had seen the 46.. Nb6 trick. He did blunder with Ndb2, and the endgame a pawn up is probably won for black. I think I found several important moves in the knight endgame. His Ne5 and g4 were mistakes, and a few moves later he resigned.
Things have turned out really well for me the last two days.
The other two games were drawn. Based on the football score I share the lead with Wang Hao with 13 points ahead of Giri 12 and Nakamura at 10.
In case of a tie for first in the end, there will be tie-break games on Friday.
Tuesday I.m white against Bologan in round 8.

Magnus Carlsen, Biel, July 30th, 2012