The London Chess Classics is part of a grand chess festival with several side events aimed at promoting Chess in Schools and Communities (CSC).
Some of my friends and former high school chess colleagues are playing the Open. It is good to be able to hang out with friends during a tournament.
Yesterday it turned out that .black is okay.! After losses with black in round 2 and 4, I was very satisfied with the game against David Howell. We first met back in 2002 in the U12 Youth Championships but haven.t played more than a few games against each other.
In the Najdorf with h3 I managed to equalize from the opening. After the trade of rooks there was still enough play left in the position. It looked fairly promising, but around the time control material was still balanced. My advantage was mainly that the advanced white pawns and his exposed king were potential targets. Right after the time control he went for the active g5 and Qg3. Maybe he hadn.t seen the Qa4-d1 plan after which he was losing a piece. The exchange of queens and white squared bishops left him in a hopeless ending and he resigned. 0-1 and I.m suddenly in shared lead with Anand and McShane (and first on tie-break) due to the 3-1-0 football score with 9 points in 5 rounds.
After the free day today I.m black against Kramnik Tuesday.
Magnus Carlsen, London, December 13th, 2010