I drew the last two rounds of London Chess Classics against Nakamura and Anand. Having achieved both my main objectives of winning the tournament and reaching an all-time-high FIDE rating, I.m fully satisfied with my play and the result in London. Under other circumstances I might have been slightly annoyed with drawing these last two rounds despite having an advantage in the middle game in both games.
Kramnik won round 8 and could in theory catch me with a win in the last round as black against Adams. However, the game looked very drawish out of the opening and none for the players got any tangible advantage at any stage of the game. Consequently Kramnik ended on +4 as last year and my +5 was sufficient to take sole first. I have won several strong events twice, the London Chess Classics triple is my first triple triumph in a top level event.
I was happy to see representatives from one of my main sponsors present during the last round and representatives for the Stavanger world-class tournament in May 2013 during earlier rounds.
After returning to Norway I.ve caught up on sleep and also appeared at the daily news (Dagsrevyen) at the Norwegian main channel NRK on Wednesday. I.m told the Norwegian media interest in chess reached an all time high as well during the event!
I.d like to thank Malcolm Pein and the .Chess in schools and communities. charity for organising another great London Chess Classics, and I look forward to returning to London for high level chess already in March for the Candidates!

Magnus Carlsen, Haslum, December 15th, 2012