Apart from a twitter message I did not feel like commenting on my game against Anand yesterday. Losing after equalizing from the opening and winning a pawn in the early middle game was quite painful. I did not manage to calculate well and made several mistakes as well as poor decisions. Anand kept up the pressure in the ugly (for me) endgame and I went wrong and lost.
Today I played Hikaru Nakamura, the no 1 rated US player with the white pieces.
1.c4 and the English opening, and he went for the Dutch with 1. f5.
I chose a quiet set-up, keeping all the pieces and pawns on the board into the middle game. The position was fairly equal but slightly more difficult to play for black. I kept on providing him with positional challenges and in ensuing time trouble he had to give up a pawn. The endgame is maybe theoretical drawn but when he sacrificed the f-pawn to avoid passivity it was matter of technique. 1-0 and with 3 rounds to go I.m once more back in the race with 6 points and 4th place behind McShane and Anand at 8 and Kramnik at 7.
For some reason I.ve played quite well with white and poorly with black in this tournament. Tomorrow it is time for a change! (I.m black against D.Howell.)
Magnus Carlsen, London, December 11th, 2010