The best known US chess player ever is of course the late Bobby Fischer. Gata Kamsky, who moved from Russia to the US in the late 80.s was the top rated player both before quitting chess to study law and after his comeback in 2004. My opponent today Hikaru Nakamura overtook him about a year ago and is ranked as no 24 in the world.
I got a promising position in a very complex early middle game. Then I chose to trade off several minor pieces too early due to overestimating my position after the simplifications. For a while I tried to take advantage of his isolated e-pawn, but my opponent defended well and close to the time control I was even slightly worse when he made a small mistake. In the queen ending a pawn down I had to go for a perpetual check and a draw.
Surprisingly all the other games ended draw and consequently the tournament situation is the same. I.m leading ahead of Kramnik with three rounds to go.
I haven.t seen much of London yet except for strolls and restaurant visits in the evening, but I sure like it over here.
Sunday I.m having the black pieces against Ni Hua, China.
Magnus Carlsen, London, December 12th 2009.