My opponent today was David Howell, the 4th ranked British player.
I played black and was well prepared in the variation he chose against the Sicilian Defence. Despite not calculating well today I got a promising position. Facing some difficult challenges he went astray in the first time trouble, and blundered an exchange (a rook for a knight).
The rest of the game I would like to forget as soon as possible. Despite an extra pawn and the exchange, I struggled to make any progress due to his well coordinated pieces and good defence. I missed a fairly easy winning combination at move 52.
In the end I gave up two pawns to try to activate my king but did not make progress. In the end a draw was agreed after 6,5 hours play.
A disappointing result after the promising position I had around the first time control, but two wins and a draw still constitute an excellent start of the tournament when going into the free day.
Today Kramnik won against McShane and got the brilliancy prize of round 3 which I received for round 1 and 2.
Saturday I.m playing white against Nakamura, USA.
Magnus Carlsen, London, December 10th 2009.