My opponent today was 25 year old Luke McShane, the British number 3.
Having studied at Oxford followed by a career in the City, he is now a full time professional chess player, and clearly stronger than his current rating of 2615.
My current official (November 1) rating is 2801 and depending on the opposition I may win 2-5 or lose upto 5-8 points in each game. Today victory would yield 2.6 points, and draw or loss a 2.4 / 7.4 rating loss respectively.
I played white and he chose the King Indian Defence against my 1.d4. I got a pleasant position in the early middle game but probably overestimated my possibilities. Despite his time trouble he continued to pose difficulties throughout most of the game. Well after the first time control I won a pawn and in the difficult endgame he went astray and resigned after 6 hours hard fight. It was a really tough game and I.m nearly as satisfied with today.s victory as the one yesterday against Kramnik.
Kramnik beat Ni Hua and after two rounds I have 6 points (3-1-0 scoring) followed by Kramnik and McShane at 3 points each.
19-year old David Howell is my opponent tomorrow, and I.ll play black for the first time in this tournament.
Magnus Carlsen, London, December 9th 2009.