After a tense fight today, I won the London Chess Classics with 13 points, ahead of V.Kramnik at 12 and Howell and Adams at 9. With classical score my result was 5 out of 7 which is enough to secure sole 1st place on the January 1st 2010 (official) FIDE rating list, ahead of Topalov, Anand and Kramnik!
This has been a long term goal and I would like to thank my coach G.Kasparov for his help in reaching this goal now.
I would also like to thank my main sponsors investment bank Arctic Securities and Simonsen lawyers for their support and for making it possible to continue the cooperation with Kasparov in 2010! asked my father to go into more detail on the persons and organisations that has helped us on my way to the top spot in his own blog later this month.
My game today against former World Championship finalist Nigel Short was a Sicilian Dragon. I was quite satisfied with the opening. In the middle game I got an advantage but let it slip at some point. In the endgame I once again got an advantage but probably not enough to win. I tried and after 5,5 hours play I made an oversight and got into some real problems, but through accurate defence the game ended in a draw an hour later. As Kramink drew with Nakamura a draw was enough to secure sole 1st place.
The prize giving ceremony was held as a private dinner at Simpson.s-in-the-Strand, a venue with rich chess traditions which include hosting the .Immortal game. played between Adolf Anderssen and Lionel Kieseritzky in 1851.
It has been a great experience to participate in such a well-organised event in London. Thank you!
Magnus Carlsen