Fulham has three Norwegian's on their team and this morning I was offered tickets to Fulham - Liverpool. I managed to focus on the chess game against Nakamura during the game but was happy to finish in time to enjoy the football match (1-0)!
Having struggled for nearly seven hours against McShane yesterday I opted for a quiet line today. The Giucco Piano 3.Bc4 with d3 and c3 does not offer any great advantage, but I gradually got a position that is easier to play with white. He spent more than half an hour after 12.Be3 and decided not to exchange the black squared bishops. In the late middle game I anyhow played f4 and enjoyed an open f-file. He controlled the b-file and had enough defending pieces around his king. With correct play a draw would be the likely outcome, but when he allowed the exchange sacrifice Rxf6! the position got extremely unpleasant for black. Short on time he made a few more inaccuracies and resigned after 40 moves.
Aronian beat Nigel Short and McShane continues his impressive start winning with black against Michael Adams. Anand was in serious trouble as white against Howell but managed to draw in the end.
With 7 points (2,5/3 in classical score) I'm the sole leader ahead of McShane at 5 and Nakamura and Kramnik (with one game less) at 4.
Round 4 on Tuesday starts at 4 pm local time. I'm white against Vladimir Kramnik.
Magnus Carlsen, London, December 5th 2011