I was white against Nisipeanu today and was of course ambitious. In a majority of my games in this tournament the opponent has started thinking while I´m still in my preparation, but not so today. Against 1.e4 he replied 1.. e5 and when I played the Ruy Lopez he went for the Schliemann variation and the sharp 5. d5 line. I knew that I could capture his pawn on a7 with my knight but playing such computer lines unprepared is a little bit dangerous. I placed the knight on e5 instead and we reached an interesting middle game position. Both of us spent about an hour calculating the effect of liquidation of light pieces and a rook and most lines seemed to favour white. However, he did find the right defence and the equilibrium was upheld. I could have entered a pawn ending with his passed pawn on e3 (on e4 it is won for white), but neither of us was sure how to evaluate the position. It is probably a draw with best play from both sides.
Having spent nearly all my time before move 30, I had to go for a repetition in the queen ending. Draw.
The other games ended draw as well and the tournament situation is the same. I´ve got a one point lead versus Gelfand before the last game against Wang Yue Friday at 1:30 pm local time.
Hopefully we´ll finish before Brazil plays Portugal in the World Cup:-)
Magnus Carlsen, Bazna, Rumania