After four consecutive wins, the game Tuesday represented a possible stumbling block as I played the only opponent with a significant chance of overtaking my lead in the tournament, Boris Gelfand. As black I decided to play a fairly solid opening, the Queen´s Gambit Declined.
The position was fairly balanced out of the opening. Maybe I played a little reckless with Ndf6. White got a serious pressure but it seems that all lines hold for black. I had to find some precise moves to keep the balance in face of the back rank threats.
After trading off several pieces, he allowed a little trick with a queen check and knight to d2 that gave me an initiative in the ensuing queen and knight endgame. I had an extra pawn on the kingside and he had a passed pawn on a2. When he offered a draw at move 33 I spent most of the remaining time searching for a winning plan. I found none and accepted his offer.
Radjabov . Ponomariov followed a theoretical line and eventually drew. Home favourite and lowest seeded participant Nisipeanu outmanoeuvred Wang Yue in an interesting rook and bishop endgame to score his 2nd victory in the tournament.
Tonight we played football again over in Medias, one out of several nice features I appreciate about the Kings Tournament.
2 or 3 daily matches of World Cup football on TV provide excellent relaxation between chess games. I´m especially impressed by the performance of the South American teams thus far.
Magnus Carlsen, Bazna, Rumania