This morning it was decided to move the tournament from Medias to our hotel in Bazna and I think this was popular with all the players.
My opponent today, Teimur Radjabov was the no 1 junior player in the world for several years just after I became a GM. We have already met numerous times in classical chess as well as rapid and blitz.
In classical chess I have a good score against him, but our games are nearly always hard fought.
He surprised me by playing the Accelerated Sicilian Dragon with Qa5 and we soon left theory. Early in the middle game I recaptured with my bishop on d5 to create complications. I think both contestants played accurately in the middle game and after the exchange of queens the position is fairly equal. He tried to simplify by trading of the minor pieces. However, the ensuing double rook ending was somewhat better for me so I decided to play for a win.
I think he made two inaccuracies in the endgame. Firstly he allowed me to double on the 7th rank. Later he moved his a-pawn instead of implementing the plan Rg6 aiming to attack my f-pawn with both rooks when and if I took his e-pawn.
The rook + 2 pawns against rook ending was simply winning despite my passive rook, the activation of which gradually decided the outcome.
After a bit rusty start of the tournament it has certainly gone my way for a while.
Gelfand won with black in the Petroff against Nisipeanu, while Wang Yue escaped with a draw from a very difficult position against Ponomariov.
Tuesday, in round 8, my opponent is Boris Gelfand.
Magnus Carlsen, Bazna, Rumania