Ponomariov lost with white against the King Indian earlier in this tournament and as black against him today I chose the same opening.
Something went wrong early on and I was very dissatisfied with my position from the opening.
I decided to play a bit risky and placed my knight on the rim aiming for a variation where I could sacrifice a rook for his knight. He allowed the variation and had to choose between a sharp line where I would sacrifice further material to attack his king or to give back the exchange. He chose the latter as he had missed my subtle subsequent queen move attacking both his pawns on a4 and on e4.
I got back the lost pawn, and afterwards maybe he had problems adjusting to the new reality of having to defend. My position improved gradually, and just before the time control I forced the exchange of queens to enter an easily won endgame. The other two games ended draw, and I´m now at with 4.5 / 6 points with my opponents in the next two rounds, Radjabov and Gelfand one point behind.
The organiser deserves praise in many respects but this weekend something beyond their control (the extreme weather) has been a main feature. Yesterday a rainstorm starting on the way to the playing venue flooded the road, and hails nearly the size of pigeon eggs kept us in the cars outside the playing hall for a while and caused the delayed start of the round.
Today the storm arrived later and was less fierce, but during the endgame water leaked from the roof. The table had to be moved to a dry place so that we could finish the game.
Anyway, I´m quite happy about the tournament development this weekend:-)
Magnus Carlsen, Bazna, Rumania