The long football session yesterday was popular with all the participants and is likely to be repeated on the next free day.
Sometimes chess makes me really happy. Winning individual games and tournaments is great but playing a game where your pieces work together really harmoniously is something very special.

My opponent in round 5, L.-D. Nisipeanu, plays 1.e4 consistently. As in our last encounter two years ago, I played the Sicilian Dragon today as well. In the somewhat unusual line with 10... Rb8 I sacrificed a pawn a few moves later and he started spending much time in the continuation. It is hard to pinpoint what he did wrong, but some minor inaccuracies quickly allowed me to improve my position. After he returned the pawn (on g5) it is already difficult for white. His position slowly got worse and with 5 minutes left for 10 moves, he blundered with Bb6. It allows intrusion on the 1st rank, and he resigned before I made my next move in face of imminent mate or huge loss of material.
Wang Yue and Radjabov drew while B.Gelfand won against Ponomariov after getting a decisive advantage out of the opening.
Halfway in the tournament I´ve got 3,5 points ahead of Gelfand and Radjabov at 3.

Sunday I´ll play the black pieces against Ruslan Ponomariov, Ukraine in round 6.

Magnus Carlsen, Bazna, Rumania