Not that much to say about my game against Boris Gelfand in round 3. After a quiet opening I chose an aggressive plan moving my queen to his kingside. He made some accurate defensive moves and effectively neutralised the attack. I was forced to enter a somewhat worse ending. At this point I probably defended well and after a small accuracy by him, we agreed to a draw with just 3 pawns and a piece left each.

In round 4 Thursday I played Wang Yue from China, the second highest rated player in the tournament. As white I played the Kings Gambit for the first time in my career and as expected Wang was duly surprised. He decided he did not want to keep the pawn I had sacrificed, and I got a small advantage from the opening.
In the middle game I got a passer (free pawn) in the d-file but the position was still in balance. He put his remaining rook in e-file and my rook lift made it somewhat tricky for him. He allowed me to push the pawn to d7 and just before the time control he sacrificed the exchange for my d-pawn hoping to draw the ensuing endgame. It looked quite interesting and complicated, but he erred after just a few moves. By pushing his g-pawn he allowed my countermove g4 creating a passed pawn in the h-file, and it quickly secured my first victory in this tournament.
All three games were won by white in this round.
Ponomariov got a nearly decisive advantage against Nisipeanu out of the opening and steered the game to victory.
Radjabov won a nice attacking game against Gelfand and we are joint leaders with 2.5 points going into the first free day.

Friday night there is a football match between the tournament participants and the chess journalists present in nearby Medias, and on Saturday I´ll play home favourite Nisipeanu in round 5.

Magnus Carlsen, Bazna, Rumania