I won the last round to take sole first place in the Kings Tournament!
My opponent was Wang Yue, China. He is normally a very solid player, especially with the white pieces, but he has not been in his best form in Bazna. Based on the time spent in the opening he seemed surprised with my opening choice, the Grunfeld Defence. After a quiet opening I think he made a mistake by recapturing the knight on e2 instead of trading off my strong black-squared bishop. It did force the exchange of queens, but the resulting position is somewhat unpleasant for white. After I had doubled my rooks in the d-file he made a few further inaccuracies and ended up in a lost rook ending. By the time we finished white had lost all three games in the last round.
Needless to say I´m very satisfied reaching a +5 score and gaining a chunk of rating points. Radjabov took 2nd place (on tie-break) at +1 ahead of Gelfand and qualified for the Grand Slam Final.
I´d like to thank the organiser for showing an unrivalled level of hospitality and the main sponsor Romgaz for supporting this great event.
My next chess event is the Rapid tournament in Kristiansund in Norway at the end of August.
Magnus Carlsen, Bazna, Rumania