Before the game as white against V.Kramnik today, we had spent quite some time on opening preparation. Maybe too much, I did not have a good day at work today, that.s for sure.
I chose 1.d4 and the Catalan Opening, and the position got very interesting after I sacrificed a pawn on d5. We both spent quite some time in the complex middle game, but in the end I had spent too much time and the position was still complicated. In an unclear position I just blundered a piece and could just resign a few moves later.
Frankly, the possibility of losing today had not really crossed my mind. The good news is that I haven.t lost a classical game since Dortmund in July and had nearly forgotten what it.s like. The bad news, it.s not a pleasant feeling.
With 4 rounds left Shirov and Kramnik are leading with 6,5 points, I.m sharing 3rd place at 5,5 with my opponent tomorrow S.Karjakin, Ukraine.
Magnus Carlsen, Wijk aan Zee