With V.Anands victories in the 2007 World Championship tournament and 2008 WC match against V.Kramnik, chess had an undisputed World Champion for the first time in this century. Anand won quite convincingly on both occasions but has obviously not been as motivated during tournament play. I don.t think he has won any tournaments since he beat me in August 2008 in the Mainz rapid chess final.
In 2009 I won 4 (with no losses) of our 6 encounters, albeit two in blitz and one in blindfold chess.
Today I went for the sharp Sicilian Dragen, but Anand chose a quiet line and after I had solved black.s opening problems he offered a draw already on the 19th move. A bit early to call it a day maybe, but with black against the reining World Champion in a position that would be .dead. drawn in a few moves I accepted his offer.
Kramnik, Domingez and Leko won their games.
Shirov is leading with 5.5 points, I.m shared second with Kramnik, Ivanchuk and Nakamura with 4 points with 7 rounds to go.
Saturday I.m white against Ivanchuk.
Magnus Carlsen, Wijk aan Zee