Today I played former World Championship match participant Nigel Short. In London last month I was close to winning against him when I made a serious oversight and had to play very accurately to make a draw.
Today I was white and he chose the Scandinavian opening. I got a very promising position in the early middle game but unfortunately I again made a blunder against him and my advantage disappeared. I might have had a few more opportunities to get renewed chances later on but I was not at my best today. In the end we reached an equal rook ending and a draw was agreed.
A.Shirov won again to take the lead with impressive 4/4 when going into the first free day. I.m shared second together with Nakamura and Ivanchuk at 3 points.
Earlier this evening the traditional management dinner with a simultaneous exhibition was held in the event tent here in Wijk, and we thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
In round 5 on Thursday I.ll play black against H.Nakamura, USA.
Magnus Carlsen, Wijk aan Zee, January 19th