During the last weekend of the Corus tournament we see a ramp up of activities and number of visitors (spectators, tournament organisers and media representatives).
I was facing Lenier Perez Dominquez, Cuba who is the highest rated Latin American player. He has played a number of top events the last year and in this event he had been very solid with nine draws and one victory.
As white I chose the same Grunfeld variation as we played in Sofia in May 2009 and got a nice initiative. He spent a lot of time while I was still in my preparation, but he defended accurately in the middle game. Maybe I didn.t find the right plan, because I could not seem to get any significant winning chances despite my promising initiative.
When he got low on time I tried to complicate further. Objectively the position was fairly equal and he solved the problems I posed him except for the last one, after which I could force a winning queen and rook endgame. 1-0.
Afterwards I commented on my game in the press centre.
Shirov had Kramnik on the ropes but the latter managed to draw in the end.
I.m tied for first with Kramnik at 7,5/11 points with two rounds to go.
Magnus Carlsen, Wijk aan Zee