Sergey Karjakin (20) is from Ukraine but has recently moved to Moscow and is in the process of switching federations. His is currently trained by Dokhoyan, a former associate of Kasparov.
Karjakin became a Grandmaster at 12, the youngest ever, and is famous for being the second of FIDE Knockout world championship winner Ponomariov at the age of 11!

We are both born in 1990 though nearly a year apart, and he was already a master player when I played my first children tournament. For many years he was the top rated player born in 1990 and later until I briefly went past him in October 2004 and permanently (up to now) in October 2006.

Against his 1.e4 I chose the French defence, an opening I haven.t played at a serious level before.
He did not get any advantage out of the opening and seemed quite uncomfortable in the middle game when my counterplay got going. After several inaccuracies from him the tactics in the position all favoured black, and he found nothing better than to sacrifice an exchange for my active knight. I found a precise way to force the exchange of queens and one pair of rooks, and the endgame was easily won.
Finally! All our previous classical chess encounters have ended in draw.
I felt focused and determined today and was of course very satisfied to win after yesterday.s dismal result.

Shirov lost to Anand while Kramnik drew against Ivanchuk.
Kramnik is sole leader with 7/10 while Shirov and I are sharing 2nd at 6.5 with 3 rounds to go.
I.m white against Lenier Dominquez, Cuba after the last free day.

Magnus Carlsen, Wijk aan Zee