In the second round I had the white pieces against world no. 3, Levon Aronian from Armenia. I got a microscopic edge out of the opening, after an early queen exchange. He made some small inaccuracies, and I started to feel optimistic about my position. I won a pawn, but he resisted very well, and I couldn't find a way to convert the advantage. Slightly disappointed I had to settle for a draw by repetition after 56 moves.
In round three I was up against Paco Vallejo Pons from Spain. Vallejo Pons entered the tournament as the lowest ranked player, and he had a terrible start with two losses.
Beeing black, I was prepared to take some risks to obtain an unbalanced position. Even though a draw, as black, would be a pretty normal result, I felt eager to try for more.
Things went well and I achieved a position I felt was close to winning. Having a big lead on the clock as well, I tried to figure out a forced win with 26 Rd3. The win was there, but I didn't manage to calculate it to the end. I went for Qxe4 instead, which is also a good move, but having squandered most of my time advantage, I started to drift and even managed to blunder a piece and the game with it. It's outrageous and painful, but with seven rounds to go it's possible to repair.

Today is a day off, and I'm on my way to do some sports.

Sao Paulo, 28th of September, Magnus Carlsen