Round 8 represented a must-win for everyone except Ivanchuk wanting to stay in the race for first.
In theory white against Vallejo was the easiest game of the tournament despite my loss against him in Sao Paulo. He played the Slav defense with 4.e3. I soon was out of preparation and after the exchange of queens white had only a slight positional advantage if any. He defended quite actively, and despite the passed d-pawn I did not have a significant advantage until he fell for a trick and lost a piece for two pawns just before the first time control. He played on until zugzwang resulted in loss of pawns or the advance of my d-pawn. 1-0. Aronian lost to Nakamura while Ivanchuk-Anand ended draw.
Still some excitement left in the tournament!
With football score Ivanchuk has 14 points followed by Nakamura and me at 11, Anand at 9, Aronian 8 and Vallejo 7. Tomorrow is a free day before the penultimate round Monday when I.m white against Ivanchuk.

Magnus Carlsen, October 8th, 2011