Back in 2008 we played at the monumental Plaza Nueva in an old citadel of Bilbao. This year the venue is the cultural centre Alhóga.
In round 3 Anand and Kramnik played a quick draw and I suspect it was all preparation by Kramnik. As black against Shirov I was in dire need for a win and went for the cxb5 variation in the Ruy Lopez Breyer instead of the more common axb5. Shirov spent half an hour contemplating his d5 response, and I had the advantage on the clock for the rest of the game. After some serious complications I think I was slightly better in the unbalanced position with queen and two rooks against queen and three light pieces. On move 40 he held his rook at d8 for a while (which would have been a blunder) but chose a8 instead and I went for the three minor pieces against queen ending as I thought it would be rather difficult to defend for white. After the game Shirov said he had thought it might be lost for white.
I gradually pushed my pawns but did not succeed in exchanging my weak e-pawn which would have made the situation very difficult for white. With the rest day coming next I played on and gradually traded off the other pawns continuing to try to attack f2. I couldn't find a decisive plan, he defended well and could claim a draw on move 174 (!) based on the 50-move-rule.
Magnus Carlsen, Bilbao, October 12th 2010.