In the last round as black against Anand, I went for the Ruy Lopez Breyer variation once again and got a very promising position. I was fairly optimistic about my prospects but unfortunately I made several dubious choices, and he gradually outplayed me in the late middle game. In the critical phase of the game I managed to create enough counterplay to secure a draw.
Shirov and Kramnik had already drawn their game and I.d like to congratulate Kramnik on a well-deserved Bilbao victory!

The two initial losses in the 6-round format basically destroyed any realistic chances to fight for first. My lack of form and mostly erratic play didn.t help either.
Anyhow, in a disappointing overall tournament there are certain positive aspects to take with me to the next tournament (Nanjing). In the second half I played one very good game (against Shirov) and also managed to fight to hold difficult positions against Kramnik and Anand.

As expected got questions from the press regarding the potential impact of my activities outside chess. Last winter I decided that I wanted to work with my main sponsors Arctic Securities and Simonsen, and with G-star and I have certainly enjoyed doing so this year. I don.t believe there is a direct connection between my activities outside chess and the poor form during the Olympiad and Bilbao.

I look forward to playing in Nanjing next week. We are leaving Norway tomorrow afternoon travelling via Stockholm and Beijing. Round 1 starts Wednesday 20th.
Magnus Carlsen, Haslum, October 16th, 2010