Generally I don.t like to lose and I don.t like to blog after a loss. This worked fine when a loss was the exception. Recently that has changed so I guess I.d better say a few words about round 1 and 2.
Against Kramnik in round 1 I think I was perfectly okay after the opening and simply made too many mistakes later in the game. The g5 push looked natural but was probably not correct in the actual position. I should have played d5 earlier and misevaluated the strength of the white initiative when I actually did. Kramnik played well and punished my inaccuracies to win right after the first time control.
In round 2 the opening against Anand went fine as well. A small advantage and all the pieces left on the board, you cannot ask for more. I played for an advantage with Qc3 but had to give back the pawn anyhow. I guess I was struggling but should make a draw when I blundered with Kf4? and the ending is lost.
A terrible start for me. Kramnik won against Shirov and is leading with 6 points ahead of Anand at 4 (Bilbao football score).
It will be very difficult to continue the tournament streak from earlier this year. Magnus Carlsen, Bilbao, October 11th, 2010