With Bazna cancelled I.m very happy to play in Biel for the 6th time!
I.m here with family, we took the ferry to Kiel and drove through Germany on Friday.
6 different nationalities are present in the Grandmaster Tournament. My opponents are Hikaru Nakamura, Alexander Morozevich, Wang Hao, Etienne Bacrot and Anish Giri.
Category 21 makes it one of the strongest tournaments this year.
In addition there are several interesting open events in the 45th Biel Chess Festival.

In the World Blitz Championship in Astana two weeks ago I ended the home stretch on a high note . 8 wins in the last 8 rounds and 2nd place after Grischuk overall - after a really miserable first 1,5 days.
The run did not continue in the exhibition Blitz here in Biel yesterday. After 1-1 I lost to Bacrot in the Armageddon in the 1st round. Nakamura won the final against Bacrot.

I found number one yielding white in round 1 and 2 in the drawing of lots on Saturday. More about the opening on www.facebook.com/magnuschess.

Against Nakamura today I got what I wanted from the Sicilian opening with 4.Qxd4.
In the middle game it looked quite promising, I was playing for two results and had a significant time advantage.
Unfortunately I made too many calculation errors and let go of several good continuations today. Short on time Nakamura defended well, and in the end my advantage was gone. Draw.
Wang Hao won quite convincingly against Bacrot and Giri won against Morozevich to join Wang Hao in the early lead.

After dinner, a game of cards and some sport activities, I.m ready for round 2 as white against Want Hao, China Tuesday at 2pm.

Magnus Carlsen, Biel, July 23rd, 2012