Second half of 2011 features more top-level chess tournaments than the first half quite typical for the yearly schedule. Still it is amazing to have had three simultaneous top-level events in 2nd half of July.
The World Team Championship finished last weekend. Kudos to Armenia for another impressive team victory!
Dortmund is underway with Kramnik as the clear leader after 6 rounds.
I played Morozevich today and he surprised me in the opening with 13. Bd7. I couldn.t find anything better than the game continuation. After the exchange of light pieces my advantage was rather symbolic. It soon petered out to a drawn rook and 4 pawns endgame and status quo in the top of the tournament table.
Shirov and Lagrave both won and share third with 10 points on the overall standing (behind my 17 and Morozevich at 14). Two rounds to go!
Magnus Carlsen, July 27th, 2011