I played the Philidor against Caruana today and was satisfied with the opening. Bc5! gave me an initiative and I was slightly better for most of the game. Despite being tired due to the early start of the round I think I fought well and did not make any obvious mistakes. He got somewhat low on time close to the time control but managed to find a good defense. I offered a draw after move 39 in an equal ending.
In summary I.m fairly satisfied with both the overall result (clear 1st with 19/30 or 7/10 with classical score), a couple of rating points gained, my score with black (+2=2-1), as well as the fighting spirit shown. I made too many mistakes, which is not unusual for me when facing opponents below the top 20 despite being motivated to do my best.
The high altitude stay in the Alps prior to the tournament was a success and Switzerland is one of my favorite countries.
The organizer deserves praise for a well-organized tournament as well a unique social event!
Magnus Carlsen, July 29th, 2011