Biel Round 6 & rest day update.

The highlight for me yesterday was when I nutmegged a couple of the Frenchmen in the daily football match. Never mind the French won the game...

Not much to say about my round 6 game against Nakamura.
He played a sideline against the Grunfeld. After 11.c5 I spent half an hour trying to find an acceptable continuation to keep the game alive. I couldn.t find any and went for Bg4 trading off pieces until a drawn heavy piece endgame was reached.
Giri beat Bologan and Wang Hao drew as black against Bacrot.

Om the rest day today I played black against Bologan in the postponed game from round 3.
Against the Sicilian he went for 3.Bb5. A little later it transposed into more of a Ruy Lopez structure without the d-pawns. I spent nearly all my time in the opening and early in the difficult middle game. Fortunately I found a reasonable plan and by the time I got real time trouble the position was manageable. When he allowed the exchange of queens black is already better. After Na5 he spent most of his remaining time giving me the chance to prepare responses to most of the critical lines. In a way I felt I played better in time trouble than early in the game. He fell apart just before the time control. 0-1, an important victory.

Monday I.m black (for the third consecutive day) against Wang Hao, the sole leader with 13 points after 6 rounds. Giri is second with 11, got 10 and Nakamura 9, Bacrot 5 and Bologan 0.

Magnus Carlsen, Biel, July 29th, 2012