I think this was my third game with Wang Hao. He beat me in the Under 14 World Youth Championship back in 2003 in Halkidiki, and I beat him in Tata Steel last year.
Not having won with white for some time - I drew all my games with white in Tal Memorial - I was eager to play an exciting game today.

Against 5.Nf3 in the Nimzo-Indian, he responded b6 which is considered inaccurate. Maybe he mixed up the move order.
After 6.e4 c5 7.e5 Ne8 I had several interesting possibilities. Immediate tactics against his king did not seem to work so I went for a double-edged position castling long. The black king was vulnerable due to the open g-file and my strong bishops. I calculated all kinds of variations to make Bxh6 work, but it didn.t.
We were both getting short on time around move 20.
When he allowed Rxg7 . maybe he had missed that Rxg7 Qxh6+ Kg8 Bh7+!! wins for white . it was materially balanced with queen and pawn versus two rooks, but he was in serious trouble due to my strong bishop on d4. He failed to coordinate his rooks and resigned just before the first time control.

Bacrot . Morozevich was a tense fight. Bacrot was short on time and when he captured on c6 a draw was expected. Morozevich tried for more with Ba6 but after Ng5 Nxg5 Bd7+!! Bacrot had a forced mate!

Nakamura . Giri was drawn and Giri (who is continuing his successful run from the Dutch championship last week) and I share the lead with 4 points (based on football score).

Leaving the Congress Centre after the game I met a wall of warm air compared to the 15-20 oC I.ve become accustomed to this summer both in Oslo and the first few days in Biel. The warmer weather was excellent for the after-dinner basketball session with the rest of the family.

Tomorrow I.m having the black pieces against Morozevich.

Magnus Carlsen, Biel, July 24th, 2012