I played the Queens Indian as black against Anish Giri today. He chose 5.Qc2, a line he hasn.t played for some time.
I tried to examine the position with fresh eyes and ended up playing Bb4 exchanging black square bishops followed by d5.
After c5 my position was just fine. He chose to avoid taking too much risk, and his play was much too accurate to surrender the initiative. After some precise moves from both a drawn rook ending was reached.

The game of the day was Bologan . Wang Hao. Today Bologan version 2.0 appeared in the playing hall. After 20 moves he had a great position and a huge advantage on the clock. On move 40 Wang, who had the best position he had ever had in the game, found a highly imaginative sacrifice. Due to some tactics it does not work. Bologan managed to keep his cool and found the narrow path to (his first) victory (in the tournament).

Nakamura got lucky against Bacrot (who blundered a rook) and is back at +1.

Going into the last round I have a one point lead over Wang Hao and Giri. They play each other tomorrow, and if one of them wins, I need to beat Bacrot. In case of a draw between my pursuers I just need a draw to secure tournament victory, (and I would even get tie-break games for 1st with a loss tomorrow).

Magnus Carlsen, Biel, August 1st, 2012