I don.t remember much from the Lillehammer Winter Olympics 1994 despite watching the 30 kilometer skiing competition with Alsgaard and Dæie ringside. Lillehammer was the .state-of-the-art. Olympics according to most Norwegians, Compact games, 16 days of beautiful winter weather (and plenty of Norwegian medals).
Following the Nordic Skiing World Championship in Trondheim in 1997 is a fond memory, and I was so happy to be back ringside in Sochi this week as a member of .Prestasjonsklyngen. associated with .Olympiatoppen..
Watching the athletes compete up close is something very special, just as with football matches. The speed with which the skiers climb uphill is very impressive. Takes a lot of technique and amazing shape.
Taking the cable car twice in vain (postponed due to fog), I really appreciated the exciting men.s biathlon mass start won by Svendsen when it finally took place.
Fortunately the Norwegians have already won too many medals to name them all☺, Congratulations!
In Zurich earlier this month the last day rapid games should be forgotten as quickly as possible, but it was enough to bring me overall victory.
I.d like to thank the organizers and main sponsor Oleg Skvortsov for a great event!
Next week (25th) I.m going to announce some good news for chess fans☺,
Magnus Carlsen, Oslo, February 22nd, 2014