The good news, are missing today (unless Real Madrid scores in the 2nd half).
The bad news, I played at about the same level as yesterday but got only 1/3.
I was quite satisfied with my position against Judit in the first round, but I couldn´t find a way to break through in the endgame. The f5-pawn sacrifice was a bit of a desperate last attempt. I ended up having to defend a worse ending which I managed to draw in the end.
Against Jon L.Hammer I had a comfortable position, but then spent too much time trying to create an initiative on the kingside and became to impatient. He played well and when I blundered (Qd4) in an equal position he immediately punished my mistake as opposed to yesterday Rd2-Rxd2 sequence. 1-0 to Hammer, and with that Anand who had beaten Judith had already won the group play ahead of me.
In the last round I had a slight initiative against Anand but after an inaccuracy (Nc4?) in the endgame it was completely equal and a draw was agreed soon after.
I´m told that the games from Arctic Securities Chess Stars are broadcast live on Web-TV (NRK) which is maybe the first time in Norway.
Tomorrows final starts at 2 pm local time, and I´ll do my best.
Magnus Carlsen, Kristiansund, August 29, 2010