I´ve enjoyed several weeks of vacation this summer, but after Bazna I was quite busy for a week or two. I did a number of interviews related to the cooperation with G-star that was finally made public in Berlin on July 7th.
Frankly I hadn´t thought of the idea of becoming a fashion model when we were approached by G-star this winter, but it certainly has been an exciting experience so far. It was an instant match both with their clothes and the people involved and I´m continuously impressed by their professionalism and creativity.
The two months break from tournament play this summer is consistent with my 1st half 2010. Maybe I could get used to this, but for now the sedate schedule is over. The program this autumn and winter is quite different with plenty of events throughout the next 5 months.

My next event is the Arctic Securities Chess Stars in Kristiansund on the north west coast. It is a rapid event and the other participants are reigning World Champion Viswanathan Anand, the best female player for nearly two decades Judith Polgar and my compatriot and fellow Chess school colleague Jon L. Hammer. Saturday and Sunday all play all twice. No 1 and 2 from the group play goes to the final, 3 and 4 the bronzefinal, both take place Monday.
Needless to say this is the first time the top ranked player in the world as well as the reigning World Champion plays in the same tournament on Norwegian soil. I´d like to thank one of my main sponsors Arctic Securities and the Kristiansund organiser for making this possible.
I haven´t played in Kristiansund since participating in U/20 in the Norwegian Championship back in 2001 and look forward to visit Kristiansund again.
Magnus Carlsen, Haslum, Norway