The good news, it was truly exciting to play tournament chess after a 2 month break. The bad news, I was somewhat rusty.
Last night there was a press conference and drawing of lots 2 floors up from the Caroline cinema playing venue. No 4 meant black against Polgar and Anand in round 1 and 3 and white against Hammer in between.
Judit somewhat surprisingly entered the Berlin variation of the Roy Lopez and was better after the opening. The Nc3-b5-d6 sacrifice is most likely objectively unsound, but it is tough to defend against as black in rapid chess. I spent most of my time fending off her initiative and won in the end.
Against Hammer I was better after the opening but even two pawns up I gave him sufficient counterplay and even blundered badly with Rd2. Short of time he missed
Rc1 and captured on d2 after which I managed to win the rook and opposite colour ending.
Anand also won both round 1 and 2. He played 1.e4 and I went for the Sicilian Dragon. He was slightly better but I had enough counterplay and he had to take a perpetual in the end.
2.5/3 and shared first. A good start.
Round 4 tomorrow starts at 2:30 pm local time.
Magnus Carlsen, Kristiansund, August 28, 2010