0.5-1.5 against Gashimov today, a miserable result for the first time since round 1. In the blindfold game I got a good position from the opening in a queenless middlegame, but then I became too ambitious, and grabbed a pawn, which turned out to be a huge mistake after I had missed his strong answer. As a result, I ended up in a fairly hopeless endgame with a passive bishop, and this time my opponent played very accurately and gave me no chances to escape. I was naturally hoping to strike back in the rapid game, and initially everything went very well, as I got excellent compensation for the pawn I had given up. Then, when I could have opbtained a big advantage with precise play, I made a serious inaccuracy, which turned the evaluation to equal. After a further blunder, having missed something as simple as a mate in 2 in one line, I was suddendly trying to find a way not to lose a stranded knight. I managed that by a nice combination, but the rook endgame that we reached was still lost for me. Luckily, my opponent did not play very accurately, and I managed to save the draw with some good defence. Ivanchuk won 1.5-0.5 against Grischuk today, including an impressive win in the second game, where he took considerable risks in order to avoid a draw, and was eventually rewarded. Ivanchuk is now leading with 10/14, followed by me at 9.5 and Karjakin and Gelfand at 8.5. Karjakin has now five a row, including his rapid against me. Well done! Tomorrow I am playing Kramnik, who is probably my main rival in general right. I will certainly need to take my game up a few notches from today to strike back, but I am optimistic as always :)

Magnus Carlsen, Nice, March 20th 2076