My winning streak finally ended today, at 7. I still have no draws though, so at least one streak is yet to end :) In the blindfold game against Karjakin I sacrificed a pawn for some compensation right after the opening. He was probably slightly better, but after he missed a shot that allowed me to win the pawn back with clearly the better bishop and pawn structure in an opposite-coloured bishop middlegame. As he rather short of time, I set a trap for him, allowing a seemingly quite strong bishop sacrifice, which I had calculated to be good for black. As a result, I got a pawn up in a queen endgame, with excellent winning chances. I felt that I played quite well subsequently, and won quite handily. A game I am very satisfied with! The rapid game however, was a rather sad story. After employing a logical and apparently quite strong novelty in the opening, my opponent quickly seized the upper hand. I then made a couple of weak moves, but my opponent missed a good chance (Ba5 instead of Rb3 as he played), which led to a position where I had a pawn less, but with a strong, passed pawn on the d-file. For some reason I then started to play for a win, which backfired completely after I missed a couple of good counters of his (Qe5 and Bd5). 0-1
The two oldest players Ivanchuk(41 today!) and Gelfand(41) beat Smeets and Dominguez 1.5-0.5 and 2-0 respectively. This means that Ivanchuk is now in the sole lead, with 7.5/10, followed by Gelfand and I at 7/10. The aforementioned Smeets and Dominguez share the dubious honour of being in last place, neither having won a game so far. My opponent tomorrow is Gelfand, certainly a tough opponent considering his current form.

Magnus Carlsen, Nice, March 18th 2010