0/2 against Vassily Ivanchuk today, an absolutely awful start! In the blindfold game I had white, and after an unconventional opening I made a serious mistake as early as the 10th move. After that it was an uphill battle already, and after a terrible blunder on the 31th move it was over. Funnily enough, I did at one point forget the position, as I imagined that he had two g-pawns instead of three. Luckily, I realised it in time, and did not hang my queen as I had intended :) In the second game I got a good position out after the opening after my opponent sacrificed first one, an then another pawn for the initiative. We reached an endgame where I had two pawn extra and the advantage, but my wrecked pawn-structure and his active pieces gave him reasonable drawing chances. Eventually, while searching for an advantage I found just about the only way to get a worse position, and after a few more mistakes I lost on time in a lost position on the 49th move. Ivanchuk is in the lead, with Ruslan Ponomariov, who beat Boris Gelfand twice. Fortunately there are still 20 rounds to go, and plenty of time to make up the lost ground. Tomorrow I play against the reigning champion Levon Aronian, who won one and lost one today. Certainly a great opportunity to strike back!

Magnus Carlsen, Nice, March 13th 2010,