The fourth day was another good day for me, as I won 1.5-0.5 and kept the lead (shared with Aronian, who won with the same score). The blindfold game against Giri was not really a spectacular game affair, but from a quiet opening I gradually developed some initiative, and it looked set to be a long and painful defense for him. However, on move 29 I made a crucial mistake by keeping the dark-squared bishops on rather than exchanging them. After that he equalized easily, and a draw was agreed on move 41.

In the blindfold game I chose an unusual opening as black, and got a reasonable position. After he miscalculated and lost a pawn, I thought the endgame would be a matter of technique. Luckily for him, it turned out that he actually had excellent drawing chances. However, my pawn advantage still amounted to something, and I eventually managed to convert my extra pawn in a knight ending to score an important win.

Today was a rest day, and it was time for the traditional laser game. Unfortunately, despite my greatest efforts my team lost to the more experienced Dutchmen. Tomorrow my opponent is Ivanchuk. The Ukrainian genius, who came from an outstanding result in Gibraltar, has not had a good tournament so far, but is always a very dangerous and unpredictable opponent.

Magnus Carlsen, Monaco 16.03.2011