Finally some words about the last round of Amber 2010.
I expected that daily blogging could be quite a challenge during tournaments but it has turned out to be a good way to reflect on what happened in the particular games of the day and then move on and leave behind whatever negative feelings I might have had. Blogging is in fact more of a challenge after the tournament. The stress level has come down and after the closing ceremony I just forgot all about blogging.
The well known Queen blunder against Grischuk in the blindfold was unnecesssary but instinctively I knew I was taking a risk. I could not recall that he had moved his Queen from d2 and did not go back more than a few moves to check despite my uncertainty and lots of time on the clock. I must have been pretty tired by then.
Anyway, before the last game, Ivanchuk and I had only half a point lead over Kramnik and I really tried to pull myself together before the final game.
With Ivanchuk quickly bringing havoc to Gelfands kingside in a beautiful attacking game, I knew I was in a must-win situation.´
I got a position I liked out of the opening although without any clear advantage. Grischuk played quite well until he probably missed f3! The tactics worked and with some precise moves my advantage rose. Grischuk resigned when he had nothing better than a clearly lost rook ending ahead.
As a result Ivanchuk and I shared 1st place overall as well as in the rapid segment. Grischuk won the blindfold section (with me and several players in shared 2nd).
I´m of course very happy with the shared tournament win although I cannot be completely happy with my own play. It varied too much as evidenced by the high number of wins and losses.
I´d like to thank the organiser for another excellent Amber tournement and the people who have had the patience to follow this blog regularly.
It is not yet totally clear what my next tournament will be, I will make a blog entry when this has been clarified.
Magnus Carlsen, Engerdal, Easter 2010.