Arctic Securities is an employee owned investment bank, with competence, integrity, discretion, agility and independent analysis as its core values; values and characteristics that can be used to describe Magnus Carlsen.s personality and playing style as well. The sponsoring agreement has run since 2009 and is ongoing.

Activities with clients, other contacts and employees.

In addition to being a source of inspiration for Arctic's clients and employees, Magnus is contributing in the development of Arctic's corporate identity and culture as well as participating on various arrangements directed towards clients and employees, i.e by playing against several opponents simultaneously. Carlsen is blogging through Arctic Securities homepage,, providing updates on preparations as well as developments in tournaments.

Communication and Marketing

Arctic Securities may make use of Carlsen for marketing purposes and in profiling activities. He is an ambassador for Arctic Securities both through personal presence at various events and through exposing the Arctic logo in various public appearances. Mads H. Syversen on the cooperation with Magnus Carlsen;

Mads H. Syversen on the cooperation with Magnus Carlsen: I see several similarities with Magnus Carlsen, making him into the natural choice of role models and a preferred sponsored partner for Arctic Securities. Magnus personally is the top representative for the highest quality within analysis and determination. His extreme ambitions and ability to perform under pressure is impressive. At the same time he is a sympathetic, sporty and likeable young guy. Magnus' is the challenger among the top chess players and is from a country without tradition and culture in fostering world class performers within intellectual sports (arts?). He has already achieved broad recognition both nationally and internationally and he represents values and characteristics that both clients and employees of Arctic can easily associate with. Carlsen's level of performance and precision can easily stand as an ideal for employees of Arctic Securities.

Magnus Carlsen on the cooperation with Arctic Securities; I am happy that I have a partner that, as myself, is dependent upon performing on the highest level - and being professional to the fingertips. I am proud that my achievements are being appreciated in this manner by Arctic Securities. I have followed up on their development and developed a deep respect for Arctic Securities achievements and what they represent. For both chess players and an investment bank such as Arctic Securities, precision is of the essence and mistakes can be fatal. We both have in common that we are dependent upon performing at our best to achieve our goals. It is very important for me that this agreement with Arctic Securities now enables me to continue my collaboration with former world champion Mr. Garri Kasparov. My job going forward will be to become as good as possible within chess - and to assist my new sponsor Arctic Securities in the best possible way.