The General Assembly of FIDE (International Chess Federation) meet during every chess Olympiad. Today the GA started with the election of FIDE President for 2010 and K.Ilyumzhinov was reelected for another four years.
The GA takes place in another part of town, hence it was relatively quiet in the Tennis centre (where we play).
Argentine, a former chess superpower, is not as strong as in the past. On paper the match should be fairly even but today everything went our way.
As black against Diego Flores (2615) most of the pieces stayed on the board into the middle game and he allowed me to grab space on both sides. I felt happy about the Qa8-b7 maneuver, and when he had to play f4 to avoid g5 the follow up with Re8 and Qg7 put pressure on his position that was difficult to handle short of time. He allowed my queen to get to c3 and his position simply fell apart. Jon Ludvig won on table 2 and Torbjoern R.Hansen on table 4 giving Norway a crushing 3.5-0.5 win.
We celebrated the victory with bowling in a nearby hotel.
We now have 11 team points in 21st place and are up against Serbia next with 3 rounds to go.
The women team has lost two days in a row and are eager to fight back against Angola tomorrow.
Magnus Carlsen, Khanty-Mansiysk, September 29th, 2010