Web Trader Information

A new and updated version of Infront Web Trader is now available to Arctic clients. Web Trader has several features that are relevant for investors.

Overview of functions

Order book:

  • Access to several levels in the order book

Assuming you subscribe to this for the given market, you now get several levels in the order book.

More data:

  • Multiple columns in the column selector

New columns have been added to Web Trader to make it even more flexible so you can create your own layout. You can add ATR30,% spread, VWAP, Share cap, Load / BID / ASK arrows up / down and more.

Choose from the following columns:

  • Vol / ADV% - Shows the current volume as a percentage in relation to the daily volume for the last 30 days
  • Last Arrow - Indicates whether the last trade moved the price up or down.
  • Bid Arrow - Indicates whether the last change on the BID is up or down
  • Ask Arrow - Indicates whether the last change in ASK is up or down
  • VWAP - Volume-weighted average price today
  • ATR30 - Average true range 30 days. Measures volatility, the higher the ATR, the more volatile the instrument has been in the given time period
  • Range - Range between high and low intraday in the instrument's price movements
  • % Spread - Displays the spread between BID and ASK. High spread often means low liquidity.
  • Sector - Information about which sector the instrument is classified as.
  • ESMA Type (liquidity) - Shows whether an instrument is liquid or not
  • Share cap - Shows the market value of the given instrument
  • Share cap (yesterday) - Shows yesterday's market value
  • Average Daily Volume (30 days) - Shows the average volume of the security over the last 30 days

Improved order book information (Shows BID / ASK ratio and spread%)

The order entry window remembers previous order volume:

  • Improved news widget for symbol, portfolio and watch lists. In Web Trader you can now see news related to the portfolio and your Watchlists.
  • Fixed headers for market and Watchlists. When scrolling, the column names are fixed at to the top so that they remain visible.
  • Instrument search available for many widgets in your workflows. Easy switching between instruments directly in the widget.
  • Added company name (watermark) in all graphs in Web Trader.