Getting started Electronic Trading

Installation and Start up

What are the technical requirements?

There are specific requirements, depending on which browser you use:

  • Chrome: Latest version
  • Firefox: Latest version
  • Edge: 13.14
  • IE: 11+
  • Safari: 8+
  • Opera Mini: Not supported (Web sockets are not supported link to another website, opens in new window)

 What does the basic package contain?

The basic package with Infront Web Trader gives you access to streaming delayed prices from Euronext Oslo (XOSL, XOAS, MERK). In addition, you receive delayed prices from Nasdaq Stockholm, Nasdaq Helsinki, Nasdaq Copenhagen, Germany and the US. You also have access to Nordic indices and global delayed currency and commodity prices, as well as a number of global indices with delayed exchange rates. We also offer a wide range of news from all over the Nordic region. Watch our training video "Introduction to Web Trader".

How can I add additional services?

Once you have logged in to Web Trader;

Step 1: Go to "My Profile".

Step 2: My Profile will display a New Services tab. You will see a list of all the services available for you to select. Further, we must update your accesses manually, and it may therefore take some time before the service will be available.

If you want to tailor your own Web Trader and need more information about the various packages, you can call us or e-mail:

See the price list for the various services.

Is it possible to try Infront Web Trader for free?

Yes! You can test Infront Web Trader for free for a trial period of 14 days. 

You do not commit to a subscription when you start the trial period. Please note that this applies to the basic package, and it is therefore not possible to order additional services during the trial period.

Getting Started- Settings and Workspace 

Can I create my own workspaces?

Yes, you can choose to create your own personal workspaces. With personal desktops, you can also customize widgets to fill the entire screen. A tip is to watch our training video "Getting started" and "Creating a desktop".

Can I choose different colors on the platform?

Yes, you can choose between two background colours in Infront Web Trader - black and white background. Under "Help" at the top right, select Settings. Under Settings and "Theme", select Default (Black) or White. Under Settings you can also choose the language, which currency you want to see your portfolio values ​​in, and this is also where you choose which e-mail address you want to receive news and price alerts for.

Can I use multiple monitors?

Unfortunately it is not possible to use Infront Web Trader on multiple monitors. The trading platform is structured so that you can easily change desktops on the same screen. You always have access to a "Sidebar", where you can track your orders and positions, as well as global indices.

How do I access Top Investors?

Access to Top Investors requires an additional service; You will find Top Investors on the instrument overview of a company. Currently, we only cover Norwegian companies. Watch our training video for Top investors.


How do I access trading through Web Trader?

You can easily create a free trial at the bottom of this link.

If you want to trade, login onto Web Trader here and you are ready to place orders.

When the trial period expires, you can choose to continue the service yourself by notifying us.

Where can I find my own Watch lists?

You can easily create new personal watchlists in Web Trader, in order to follow a specific selection of instruments. You can click on My Lists at the bottom of the screen under Tools. Under My lists you can create a completely new Watchlist and then select the shares and the other instruments you want to follow. You will also be able to access your Watchlists in the sidebar under My lists.

See video for “Creating a desktop”.

What orders can I place in Web Trader?

Watch our training video in Trading or contact our brokers for further information. 

Top Investors Information

Top Investors includes both historical and daily updates, so you will be able to get access to shareholder information that does not trigger flagging, before the regular weekly updates on ordinary lists. Top Investors has daily update T +2.

Information about Infront Estimates

Infront Estimates give you access to the most transparent, granular and timely consensus estimates available in the capital markets today. Now those estimates are available to you in the Equity Analytics module of the Infront Professional Terminal.

The estimates include 1200 companies across Europe, covering both historical data and estimates for quarterly and yearly. Infront Estimates are trusted by more than 100 listed companies for managing their own market expectations.