Telecommunications, Media and Technology

The telecommunications, media and technology sector (TMT) in Norway has a history of fostering many leading edge companies with extensive international operations. With a limited home market, the Norwegian TMT companies have had to look abroad to achieve the necessary scale of operations, and have thus needed to develop advanced technologies and primary customer propositions in order to attract attention in competition with global businesses.

While the number of publicly listed TMT companies on the Oslo Stock Exchange is limited, it does include global enterprises within fixed line and mobile telephony and data communication, print media and online advertising and software development. The open nature of the Norwegian capital market has led to a number of domestic TMT companies being acquired by global market leaders and private equity investors. Arctic Securities has a dedicated team focusing on TMT clients and transactions, combining decades of industry and investment banking advisory and transaction experience. We deliver our full range of services to TMT clients, including M&A, ECM and DCM transactions.