Infrastructure & Utilities

Norwegian companies have been active in developing infrastructure and utilities projects, ranging from hydropower production facilities to extensive fibre networks and district heating facilities. This has been driven by favourable geographical characteristics and an efficient regulatory framework, with strong government support.

The sector spans a wide range of sub-sectors, and often involves companies with long-term and stable cash flows, thereby attracting attention from a broad range of institutional investors, in many cases as part of an asset/liability matching strategy. Infrastructure and utility companies are frequent issuers of bonds to finance their operations, and in aggregate represent a large proportion of the Norwegian bond market volumes. Arctic Securities has advised on a range of infrastructure and utility transactions across all corporate finance product groups. The team covers all sub-sectors, with a particularly strong track record within solar energy, hydropower production, transmission, fibre networks, district heating and wind farms. Passenger transportation, by sea, air or land, is also handled by the infrastructure team.