Financial Institutions

Norway has an open and well diversified financial services industry. Being part of the European Economic Area (EEA) the regulatory regime is based on EU legislation. There are a large number of foreign institutions operating in Norway, especially within the banking sector.

The overall responsibility for financial services industry legislation resides with the Ministry of Finance, the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority and the Norwegian Central Bank. Arctic Securities’ independence has been an important element in its development into one of the main advisors on financial services transactions in Norway. We have acted as advisor to companies within all the relevant sub-sectors of the financial services industry, ranging from large commercial banks, life and P&C insurers, to a large number of local and regional savings banks, consumer finance providers, payment processers and debt purchasing and collection agencies. We have advised governmental institutions on transactions and other financial and strategic matters, including several government ministries. We provide in-depth knowledge of the operational aspects of the sector, combined with a detailed understanding of the regulatory regime.