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Social Responsibility

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"Our business enables long-term value creation in our society. We have a significant role to play in promoting sustainable projects, and our most important contribution to a sustainable future is to encourage capital to flow in a green direction. At the same time, we support initiatives to bring about a positive social development. A key factor in reaching our goals is our highly skilled people. We strive to increase diversity in and attract more female talent to Arctic. Diversity is increasingly critical to how we operate as a leading investment bank with an international reach. I am confident that our efforts within the field will be paramount to the continued success of Arctic."

Hege Marthinussen, Deputy CEO Arctic Securities

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Our social responsibilities extend beyond our employees and into the communities in which we operate. We are always looking to attract the best and brightest minds, which is reflected in our diversity and inclusivity policies. Employee retention is always in focus, and considerable resources are allocated to employee development to ensure that they are positioned to contribute towards our purpose. We prioritize the health and wellbeing of all employees and encourage a sensible work-life balance for all.

Equal opportunities

We believe that adaptiveness is derived from diversity and complementary traits. Attracting, developing and retaining the best employees, regardless of gender, age, nationality, cultural background, sexual orientation or religion, ensures that we benefit from variety in perspectives, more informed decision making, and that our workforce mirrors our clients and the world at large for a more comprehensive perspective.

Gender diversity

We work to ensure equal representation of genders across our organisation and we strive to play our part in the recruitment of women to the financial industry. 

Women remain underrepresented in the financial services workforce – particularly at senior management level – which we acknowledge as both a general truth and something we recognise in our own operation. This is something we are working to change.

Working environment

Our working environment is built on fair employment practices where effort is recognised and valued. We adhere to the Norwegian Working Environment Act and the Social Security Act that regulates compensation, maximum working hours and other employee rights.

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"Arctic is a proud partner of several athletes and sports clubs, and we always strive to match the vision of Arctic. Sports and physical activity have been made more accessible to children and youngsters. The Grorud Arctic Match arena has been at the center of a community resurgence in Groruddalen and the Zuccarello Foundation has continued to deliver on its mission to promote grassroot sports for all. This enthusiasm is mirrored by our employees who have shown their support for many of our social initiatives. We continue our work with corporate social responsibility and are happy to note that this work is paying off across the organisation." 

Hilde Wathne von Krogh, Marketing & Event Manager Arctic Securities

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Grorud IL

Grorud IL is a community-driven professional football club from Groruddalen in Oslo, home to immigrant families as well as those who have lived there for generations. More than just a football club, Grorud IL has demonstrated how sports can bring people together and transform communities for the better. 

Football has always been a popular sport in Groruddalen, which has historically been lacking the resources to fund and support athletic youth programmes. This is beginning to change, as the social - and even commercial - opportunities the club represents have begun to show.

An arena for sustainability

Their home ground, Grorud Arctic Match arena, was constructed with sustainability as an uncompromisable requirement. Opting for a far more environmentally friendly pitch than required by regulation is only half the story; the field is constructed in a way that allows for year-round use based on geothermal heat. On this new pitch, Grorud IL gained promotion to the OBOS league in 2019 – proudly sponsored by Arctic. 

You can follow Grorud IL's story through the TV2 series Grorud Underdogs. This short video also describes Arctic and Grorud IL's close cooperation and commitment. 

Video credit to TV2 for footage from Grorud Underdogs.

Arctic Securities x Grorud IL

Partnering up with Embla Invest

As the very first female fund management group at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Embla has had a positive impact on the financial environment at the university.

– Embla has increased the enthusiasm for finance among young women. Arctic has played an important role in offering opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing, says Marte Mina Gravdal, leader of Embla and master student in economics and administration.

– Arctic has contributed with capital and given us the opportunity to manage our own fund. Lisbeth Gyland, CEO in Arctic Asset Management, is pleased to see an increasing interest in finance from female technology students:

– The rapid development and digitalization of our industry is opening for new positions and skillsets. We hope that our partnership with Embla Invest can be an inspiration and steppingstone to explore the many opportunities within finance, Gyland says.

Founded in 2022, Embla encourages female students to pursue a career within finance. Arctic is Embla’s main partner and adviser.

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Arctic Ambassadors

Arctic is a proud partner of several world-class athletes and sports clubs – matching Arctic’s vision that anything is possible. Hockey player Mats Zuccarello, football player Erling Braut Haaland and golfer Celine Borge are all excellent examples of how we keep evolving as individuals, when we rise to the challenge as a team.

An important part of the cooperation with Mats Zuccarello and Erling Braut Haaland is our joint effort in supporting young athletes, and the joy of working together on projects that motivate young people to be active in sports. We are already a proud part of Match Mats Powered by Arctic, supporting grassroot sports in Norway, and will through our collaboration with Braut Haaland increase our efforts in supporting important sports initiatives.

Our ambassadors are all great role models that bring enthusiasm to Arctic employees, clients and everyone who loves sports, and their execution is excellent.

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Making sports accessible

In addition to enabling young talents, removing barriers to participation is part of our social mission. In 2016, Arctic Ambassador Mats Zuccarello started The Zuccarello Foundation to ensure that underprivileged youth in Norway would have access to sports, with the goal that none should be left on the sideline. 

The aim is not to foster the next professional athlete or superstar, but rather to ensure that anyone who wants to participate in sports will have the opportunity to do so without being stopped by financial barriers.

In 2020, Zuccarello and Arctic started the “Match Mats” campaign where enlisted sponsors, alongside Mats himself, donates NOK 1 000 for every goal or goal contribution he makes. Mats holds the record for most money raised for charities by an athlete in Norway, currently adding up to more than NOK 12 million. 

Mats has always been a great ambassador for Arctic and the way he leverages his fame is commendable. We are proud to be associated with him and his excellent work.


Arctic supports IL Heming sports club

IL Heming successfully operates as one of Norway’s largest multi-sport clubs, strongly supported by volunteers and the local community

"The support from Arctic has been a decisive factor enabling us to offer an attractive environment for football. We are a natural meeting point in our local community" – Julian Madsen, Sports Manager, IL Heming Football.

Heming and Arctic share many of the same core values, and are both leading players within our respective fields. We strive to always deliver the highest quality with a long-term mindset.

Heming has always been a well-run and well-rounded club, providing an arena in which youths can grow, explore and develop – as both athletes and people. Local ambassadors, coaches, and volunteers have all contributed greatly to the positive atmosphere surrounding the club.

Heming today
Heming is a club deeply rooted in the community and largely driven by significant local engagement. Established in 1916, Heming has a strong foothold in football, orienteering, cycling, and tennis, as well as one of the country's best cross-country skiing teams. Today, the club has around 6,000 members. We continue to support and root for IL Heming and wish them a successful future.