Frequently asked questions about LEI (Legal Entity Identifier)

How can I obtain an LEI-code?

1. Arctic Securities can help you register LEIs for businesses registered in a european company register. By filling out Form we will apply for an LEI-code on your behalf through Bloomberg Finance L. P., which has accreditation as an LEI Local Operating Unit (LOU) by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF).
2. The following fees apply to our LEI services:
  • Registration fee: $129 ex. VAT (Valid for 12 months)
  • Renewal fee: $109 ex. VAT
  • If you wish to register more than 10 companies, please contact us on:
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What is an LEI?

LEI is a unique 20-digit code which is used to identify legal entities that participate in financial transactions. The regulation is a part of European financial authorities to promote transparency in the financial markets.

Why do I need an LEI?

EU regulations (Markets in Financial Instruments and Regulation (MiFID II / MiFIR)) demands that all legal entities that participate in financial transactions has an updated LEI-code (effective from 3. januar 2018). Legal entities that participate in derivative contracts are required to have an LEI from the 1st of November 2018 to comply with European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR).

How long does it take to obtain an LEI code?

LEI is normally issued within 48 hours after the order has been made. As soon as the LEI is issued, Arctic Securities AS will inform of this through the contact information provided in the checkout of the registration process.

Does the LEI require renewal?

Every legal entity needs to renew their LEI annually to ensure that the information relating to the code is correct. Arctic Securities offers annual renewal for clients of the Arctic LEI Service.

How do I renew an LEI?

If Arctic Securities assisted you in registering your LEI or if you have transferred your LEI to Arctic LEI Service from another service provider, we will assist you with renewing your LEI. Arctic will send you reminders starting 30 days before the LEI expiration date with simple instructions on how to renew your LEI with Arctic.

Is the LEI only used by companies in the EU?

The LEI requirement, which was introduced with new EU-regulation (MiFID II / MiFIR og EMIR), also affects market participants outside the EU in the case where they transact with EU regulated entities. Other global global authorities also demands that market participants have an LEI.

Are physical persons also required to get an LEI?

Physical persons can't have an LEI. Other reporting standards apply for physical persons that participate in financial transactions.

Does every separate legal entity require an LEI?

Every legal entity needs its own LEI-code:
- Mutual funds and subsidiaries can not share an LEI code.
- Every subsidiary requires it's own LEI code
- A subsidiary can not use the same LEI as the parent company.
- A branch that is not it's own entity can use the parent company's LEI.
Arctic Securities AS can assist you with registration of multiple entities through or bulk-registration service (requires more than 10 companies to be registered).
LEI-registration application
If you're not certain whether you already have an LEI code, you may search The Global Entity Identifier (LEI) Index for all LEI-registered entities.
If you have a question regarding LEI-registration, please contact